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This product may be great but the company is a scam and if anyone like myself has never received the product in the mail but has had over a hundred dollars deducted from their account. I think we need to talk starting a class action suit.

It has been nearly a month and I was told 3 weeks ago that there would be an investigation into why the money was taken out and where it was. Now when I try to call the company to find out where my money is, the number goes straight to voice mail.

I want my money back for several reasons, the first being I never received one bottle of this product ( a total of 4 bottles 2 ordered in February then another 2, 3 weeks later because I never got the first shipment). Second is the company in general, they took $104.90 out of my checking account yet their records show nothing. Yet it is very clear from my bank statement as to the date and time the company took the money.

When I asked to talked to the billing department I was informed that the billing department does not take phone calls. The investigation into where the money was (which their records do not show) I was told it would be 3 to 5 business days. It has been just short of one month since the money was taken out, 2 weeks since I last spoke to an actually agent and now an actual person won't even answer the phone. They informed me that the $20 they charged me for shipping is non refundable even though I never received any packages. And from what I was told from the last agent that I spoke to on March 27th, was that they had a system update and that I am not the only one that this is happening to. This is no comfort to me when it comes to me getting my money back.

This is no small amount. I know that there are more people out there that this has happened to and instead of planning my wedding I am now making my new goal to not only get my money back but inform everyone to stay away from this company.

Monetary Loss: $125.

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Well if you choose to buy useless substances off the web sold by chinky gooks ya gotta expect to get ripped off

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